About us

Yemi who?

She popped out of nowhere in 2014:
Hello, I am lost. Can you help me?
“Who are you?”
My name is Yemanja. I am a voodoo doll. I was fed up with being pricked, hit, torn, burnt… and I don’t want to cast spells, I’m not bad! So I decided to run away. But I have nowhere to go.
“OK, Yemen… Yemonj… Yema…”
You can call me Yemi.
“OK, Yemi. You can stay here, if you like.”

She must feel at ease here, since she asked her best friend, Gladys, to come and live with us.
Together, we crochet, we make amigurumis and write patterns, we sew and embroider things, hoping to make the world a little more kawaii and sweet.

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