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Custom figures

A crocheted figure in the image of anyone you want, handmade, and crafted just for you!

Based on the photos and description you’ll send, the little hands of the Yemi & Co. workshop will craft a mini version of you, or your friend, or your cousin, or your childhood movie hero, or your favorite video game character… or whoever you want!

This figurine is 15 to 20 cm tall, with a lot of personalized details.

Warning: 1 figurine = 3 to 4 weeks of work. Be sure to order and send photos early enough if the figurine is destined to be a present for an event!

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Price on quotation, from €60

Help us answer your expectations! Contact us and describe your figure as precisely as possible. Who will it portray? What are the main characteristics you don’t want us to miss? Send us photos! A lot of photos!

You may find easier to send the photos by email to

Customers reviews

We are all in love with our little mini me. Thanks a lot for the personal details and the quick delivery. I loved it all!

“I love my little Jessie Rasberry crochet! Thank you so much!!!!”

Beautifully personal handmade gift idea, crafted with a great attention to detail and made and sent very speedily indeed.

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